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every class is art class if you dont care enough

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DAE feel like tumblr has become so obsessed with labelling things, especially sexuality and gender. Like calm down and breathe, just be who you want it doesn’t need to fit into a box to be valid.



Okay Haibane Renmei was absolutely excellent, and in retrospect I’m happy they left the meaning of the town and all ambiguous. (The idea that this is some sort of purgatory is unsatisfatory to me, and the idea that these are all suicide victims or whatever is just like …. “this really isn’t a good…

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How to tag a post asking epileptic bloggers how they avoid triggering images? Like, if you do #epilepsy, they are very likely to ignore it… because it may contain flashing images

"Anal sex for the first time is literally a pain in the ass"

— random thoughts of me

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Marcus Møller BitschSymbioses, 2012